Firefox Video to produce new restaurant video.

  • May 15, 2017

New Houston Restaurant Video Project

Houston Video Commercial ProductionWe had a meeting last week to discuss producing a restaurant video for a popular Houston restaurant.  You may have seen our River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram commercial now running on KTRK-TV, Channel 13 that we shot at Tony’s Restaurant featuring Tony Vallone.  You can see that commercial HERE.

Our new project will highlight the beauty of the restaurant, the creativity of the chef, the hip atmosphere and clientele, and the convenient location.  This restaurant video will mainly be used as an introduction to the restaurant for people that haven’t been there yet.  We will let you know once the video is completed so you can check it out.

We previously created a television commercial for the Opus Bistro you can see HERE.

Our intent was to establish the restaurant as classy, elegant and appeal to women.  This worked very well as we ran locally on video pre-rolls near the restaurant.  It is very important to know who you are trying to impress with your video prior to shooting the video.  What appeals to the audience you are trying to attract?  In this case, we wanted the place to look friendly and safe.  We try to video restaurants on their slowest day, choosing the people we want to have appear in the commercial.  We do not like to alter a guests experience at the restaurant they like with lights, cameras and people moving around that disrupts their dinner.

Although we have never had a situation where it was needed, we also provide a release for people used in the production to sign so they will not try to claim they did not authorize their appearance in the commercial.  Firefox  is planning to do much more in the restaurant promotion area, since it is so important for restaurants to use our services to be competitive and increase their sales.

If you own a restaurant please call us to see how we can help you market your business and increase your bottom line.  Like us on Facebook, YouTube and check back on our website to see what we have going on.

Houston Video Productions by Fire Fox Video!