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Pasadena Rotary Club Video

A picture of the Pasadena Rotary picture from long ago.

The Pasadena Rotary Club chose Firefox Video to produce a video showcasing their club.  We interviewed Rotarians about how they got into Rotary, what a difference the club has made in their business and personal lives, and the projects they have been involved in that made their community and the World a better place.  Here is the final edited version we produced.

The production was shown at a dinner and the Rotarians were very pleased.  Here is a letter we received from the club president.  We were very happy to work with such fine citizens.

Pasadena Rotary Club letter

Rotary International has contributed so much to communities all over the world.  What we found while producing this project was that being a Rotarian is much more than just attending meetings, it is a commitment to making the world a better place.

The interviews we did we learned that many hours are spent by Rotarians providing assistance in their communities and around the world.  You can see proof of this as you enter the city limits of Pasadena, where the signs that welcome guests and residents at the entrances to the city were placed their by the Pasadena Rotary Club.

We started producing this video by doing some research and locating some pictures and video from the members of the Pasadena Rotary Club that they had saved from the beginning of the club.  We tried to show some of the original members and then moved to current members.  We had them all come to our office at Firefox Video and interviewed them about how they got into Rotary and what the club meant to them.  It was very important that the interviews were not rehearsed but in their own words and from their hearts.

We believe we were able to accomplish our goals on this project.